‘It is not the transmission of the artist’s knowledge or inspiration to the spectator. It is the third thing that is owned by no one […]’. 

Jacques Ranciere in The emancipated spectator


Past and current work – videos and pictures

Investigating borders, personal spaces, self-definitions and cultural differences. Challenging roles and conventions, making the audience aware of their part as co-creators.


Classes, workshops and projects

Contemporary dance, improvisation, contact improvisation, creative dance, movement exploration

For professional dancers, students and adults


Dance, physical theatre, opera – pictures

Performances include Royal Opera house productions, physical theatre and dance pieces on various scales

Site specific

Improvisation, Collaboration (dance and multimedia)- pictures

Initiating spontaneous actions, uncovering indoor and outdoor spaces, bringing dance to the community, promoting inter-cultural exchange and site-specific work.

Writing beginnings: Undercurrent

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Movement exploration and Ci skills – Online Wednesday class

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Soul Yoga Online!

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PeMa Art project: Undone

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Insight into research project: Phe-NoumeNow

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Artistic research residency- Movement and healing sounds

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Autumn Contact Improv classes!

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Massage intro OFFER at Blighty- New working hours

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CI Tuesday classes at Chisenhale- Summer term

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Massage for London Marathon – British heart foundation

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