Dance artist - Yoga teacher

‘I am a constant discoverer of the ever changing relationship between my inner and outer landscape, trying to find balance, meaning and authenticity.’

‘Act – react – interact. Bringing dance to a wider audience’

Events, performances and classes

Soul Yoga June: Past-present-future

This month we go deeper into finding our sense of Self, encompassing and integrating our 3 dimensionality in space and in time. Starting with meditation and pranayama, we will move on to a faster pace class, flowing through standing asanas, and focusing on forward...

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Soul Yoga May: moving with agility

This month we get the stuck energy moving, finding mobility in the body and also challenging balances, encouraging fluidity and coordination. Moving with ease. Facebook event What makes Soul yoga special: – Yoga inspired by dance, – The atmosphere : candle light, soulful music,...

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Happiness does not wait- site specific performance

December 2017, site specific solo. Performance in a french bakery as part of the festival ‘L’Avent par les fenêtres’ by La Laverie in St Etienne, France. Music: Olafur Arnalds

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