Choreographies, teaching, performances and site specific colaborations


‘The common denominator in my choreographic and collaborative research has been the theme Identity and the idea of belonging to a group’


Past and current work – videos and pictures

Drawing on the theme ‘identity’, investigating borders, personal spaces and self-definitions, cultural differences and boxes. Challenging roles and conventions, making the audience react and interact.


Classes, workshop and projects

Contemporary dance, improvisation, contact improvisation, ballet

For professional dancers, students and adults


Dance, physical theatre, opera – pictures

Performances include Royal Opera house productions, physical theatre and dance pieces on various scales

Site specific

Improvisation, Collaboration (dance and multimedia)- pictures

Initiating spontaneous actions, uncovering indoor and outdoor spaces, bringing dance to the community, promoting inter-cultural exchange and site-specific work.

Covid19 – Return to work on July 13

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New digital performance

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Writing beginnings: Undercurrent

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Movement exploration and Ci skills – Online Wednesday class

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Soul Yoga Online!

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PeMa Art project: Undone

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Insight into research project: Phe-NoumeNow

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Artistic research residency- Movement and healing sounds

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Autumn Contact Improv classes!

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Massage intro OFFER at Blighty- New working hours

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