Sports massage – Remedial – Deep tissue – Pregnancy

Massage and Covid-19

I ensure a safe and hygienic environment. I practice in line with the current regulation and with the Sports Massage Association recommendations.

My approach

I use various techniques (deep tissue, soft tissue release, muscle energy technique, trigger point release, myofascial release) combined with my 10 years experience as a professional dancer and my understanding of the body. I obtained a BTEC level 5 in sports massage and remedial therapy from one of the best massage school, the North London School of Sports Massage. I am qualified in Swedish massage Vtct level 3 and I am a member of the Sports Massage Association which ensures quality and professionalism in the industry.

I have experience working with athletes (football players, marathon runners, cyclists, boxers, dancers), actors, general public as well as corporate staff. I massaged for the London Marathon with the British heart foundation, and the Aerial society at Imperial College London.

I am a passionate massage therapist interested in health and challenging the barriers that prevent us from leading a happier and more integrated life.

Why sports massage?

To relieve general and specific tension, if you suffer from an injury or chronic pain, to help rehabilitation, to improve posture, flexibility and joint functionality, before or after an event, to prepare for a competition or a performance, to boost energy levels.

Sports massage is for everyone! Whether you are into sports or not, it is an efficient way to address soft tissues conditions and give you a better understanding of how your body works, helping you in your daily life.

What is remedial?

Remedial means I can work with injuries at different stages of recovery and with chronic pain. I can modify and adapt to various conditions you may have (diabetes, RA, frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis…).

Please get in touch beforehand if you suffer from any conditions so we can discuss in which way it affects you and how to best proceed to the treatment. In certain circumstances I may ask a referral letter from your GP.

Why deep tissue massage?

To relieve tensions, I adapt the pressure to your needs. Addressing chronic aches and pain, contracted areas such as a stiff neck and upper back, low back pain, leg muscle tightness, and sore shoulders.

Pregnancy massage and post-natal

Pregnancy massage is both beneficial for the mum and the baby. It can have a very relaxing and soothing effect, as well as targeting some sensitive areas with care. Some mums also come because of back, neck or shoulder pain, or increased stress levels.

If you have any complications it is important you tell me before the massage and I may ask to get in touch with your GP or have a referral letter.

Post-natal massage can be done especially to help recover after the pregnancy and help with scar tissue, blood circulation, lymphatic flow, and enhancing the mood. Please consult your doctor prior to booking to make sure there are no contra-indication to massage.

Benefits of massage

Improves circulation 

  • Increases circulation and lowers blood pressure
  • Improves the lymphatic system: boost the immune system
  •  Aids elimination of waste and toxins

Reduces stress, produces sense of well being

  • Releases endorphins
  • Reduction in pain and chronic pain (osteoarthritis…)
  • Relaxes body and mind
  • Improves sleep

Relieves muscle tensions, increases flexibility

  • Alleviates the restriction of muscles as well as tension and stiffness
  • Increases flexibility, movement range, and durability of muscles
  • Reduces muscle fatigue and soreness

Improves digestion

  • Can relieve colic and gas as well as constipation
  • Promotes better digestion

Weight loss

  • Helps breaking down cellulite, removes toxins

Healthier skin

  • Exfoliation
  • Improves skin tone and elasticity
  • Nurtures the skin by activating the sebaceous glands

Injury Prevention & Cleansing

  • Injury prevention: promotes healthier joints and muscle tone
  • Acts as a mechanical cleanser, by stimulating lymph circulation and quickening waste and toxic elimination.
  • Improve muscle recovery between physical activities

Boost Performance

  • Enhances performance, reduces tense muscles, augments flexibility and awareness
  • Boosts confidence levels 

Prices and location

Sports, remedial, deep tissue, pregnancy, post-natal:

1h massage + consultation (1st treatment) £80                             1h30  massage- £100

1h massage (follow-up)- £80                                                              2h massage- £130

Possibility for group bookings, please get in touch

Mobile treatment adds an extra £5-£10 depending on the location

Location: Haverstock Hill, NW3

Payment methods: pay via bank transfer or PayPal before your treatment:

What happens in a session?

I have a holistic approach and will undertake a thorough assessment to understand the causes of the presenting condition.

I will ask about medical history and past injuries, do a postural assessment and enquire about your lifestyle.

We will decide on priorities and goals to focus on for the session and for the possible next series of treatments.

The treatment will be carried out with lotion or oil applied on the skin, and through the towel using various techniques. I will always ask feedbacks about comfort and pain levels. The treatment is for you to feel comfortable and happy with.

At the end of the treatment I will reassess and give some homecare advice relevant to your condition.

Book a session

Get in touch here

When you book please state your preferred days and times for treatment.

Please note that I operate a 24h cancellation policy. Unless you have any covid-19 symptoms or have to self-isolate you will be charge the full price for a missed session.

Before a massage

Please fill in this form before your appointment.

Why? it enables me to know more about you and offer the most suitable treatment, taking into account your needs, lifestyle and medical history


‘I strongly recommend Marie for thoroughly understanding the mechanics of the human body and getting to know you from an holistic perspective. She was able to release the tension from my back, finding exactly the muscles that were creating the pain and applying different techniques to release the tension. Needless to say she is super-professional and the following morning I woke up, for the first time in a long time, pain-free. Thanks Marie.’  – Simona

‘I have had a few treatments from Marie and I am so so happy that I’ve found someone who understands the body well enough, both intuitively and anatomically, to be able to help me with my shoulder injury. She is a great therapist, professional, very friendly and easy to talk to. She has a passion for the work she does and has a genuine interest in helping people. She also gives great yoga classes, which I highly recommend. Thank you Marie!’ Justin

‘I received a massage the week after a tough house moving when my body was deeply exhausted; plus I had an ankle injury following a climbing accident.
Marie was absolutely amazing, highly professional and understanding of my body needs.
After the massage I felt rejuvenated and I would definitely recommend it to anybody.’- Laura

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