Fascia-tensegrity & somatic workshops -Ulm

Over Easter I was invited by the Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Ulm (Dr Ronald and Melanie Steiner) to deliver a couple of workshop, as part of the Easter community gathering.

I was happy to share my knowledge on fascial awareness as well as my experience and research with somatic and relational practices. I received a warm welcome and my workshops were a success.

I was also inspired by the Mysore practice, the Satsang, the breath work, the gong bath and all the dedicated yogis. Hereunder is a brief of the workshops I facilitated.

Fascia, tensegrity and the myofascial lines

This workshop is a movement and yoga laboratory designed to bring more awareness to our ‘fascial network’. The aim is to embody, give colour, texture, curiosity and life to our moving architecture through an understanding of biotensegrity. We will play with certain movement patterns in relationship to the myofascial lines and apply it to yoga asanas.

Somatic journey into yoga, a relational practice

This workshop is about deepening body awareness, presence and proprioception through imagery, guided movement explorations and some partner work. Considering our being and moving in and through the world as a relational experience, we will invite the notions of weight, cellular breathing, and inter-dependency, asking questions such as: how do I relate to gravity, to breath, to others?