Site specific

Dancing Sites

Initiating spontaneous actions, uncovering interesting indoor and outdoor spaces, bringing dance to the community:

In galleries (Red Gallery in Shoreditch 2018, Art Lacuna 2017, gallery spaces in Hong Kong and Singapore 2010…),  restaurant (TurmCafe Freiburg 2020), bakery (Festival l’avent par les fenêtres 2017) Planetarium of Vaux-en -Velin 2013, in the street (Labormanifest Freiburg 2020, Body in Urban spaces by Willi Dorner 2009), in prison (IN&Out festival in Burkina Faso 2014)

Collaborative and multidisciplinary collective EU&ME (2008-2012):

Promoting inter-cultural exchange and site-specific work.

Team members:  Joey Chua Poh Yi (Singapore), Csilla Nadj (Hungary),  Sintiya Silina (Latvia), with guest artists (Rhys Turner, Zoilly Molnar).

Residencies and festivals (Osage Gallery in Hong Kong, Cesta International Festival in Czech Republic, Rimbun Dahan in Malaysia, Dance Omi in New York).