Workshop+jam: Soft reflexes and responsiveness in CI

Sunday June 2nd, 1-6pm

Workshop: 1-3pm, Jam: 3.15-5.15pm, Bodywork: 5.15-6pm

Laughton Lodge – Dance space, Common Lane, Laughton, Lewes, BN8 6BY

Led by Justin Philpott

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Please note that this workshop will not be co-led by Marie anymore, but will be led by Justin.

How can we cultivate a state of high responsiveness, availability and letting go while dancing with a partner?

In this workshop we want to access the unknown while maintaining a high physicality in order to reach various states of being, improvising and responding. 

In particular we explore diverse qualities, dynamics and tonicities as means to enrich our palette of possibilities. These possibilities include elastic recoil and rebound, accelerated fall leading to a gain in kinetic energy and momentum, fluidity, strength, resistance and letting go. We will move faster than the speed of our attention and connect to a deeper sense of trust in falling and connecting with others.

Still grounded in embodiment and somatic work, we train what we call ‘soft reflexes’ or the art of responding with speed but also softness, inviting safety into the game.

A part of the class will be dedicated to training skills and practising some lifts. There will be a thorough warming-up.

Marie and Justin will combine their diverse approaches, extensive knowledge and background in CI, martial art, dance, physical theatre and bodywork.