Balance – connection – inner strength

‘I love finding ways to challenge and enrich students’ practice, so it becomes a tool to connect to their inner joy, creativity and expressivity, encouraging them to empower themselves.’

Journey and inspiration

I fell in love with yoga 15 years ago while on dance training. It enabled me to deeply connect to myself and open my body, calm my mind and optimize my physicality. But most of all for the first time I did not have to compete with anyone else and constantly push myself to get better, I only had to be!

My yoga journey and passion for yoga has been influenced by many great teachers in India, London and internationally  and by various styles (vinyasa, hatha, Iyengar, yin, ashtanga, quantum, kundalini, acroyoga)

My practice is also inspired by contact improvisation, martial arts, physical theatre, energy healing amongst other body/art forms.

I love teaching, finding ways to challenge and enrich students’ practice, so it becomes a tool to connect to their inner joy, creativity and expressivity, encouraging them to empower themselves.

Classes: Soul Yoga, Yoga dance, Yoga flow, and private


Online classes during Covid-19

Weekly classes are online via Zoom. You only need to download the app and connect. Make sure you have a yoga mat and comfortable clothes.

Donations are welcome, based on income.

Monday: 6-7pm UK time. (7-8pm France/Germany…). Intermediate/Advanced

Tuesday: 9-10am UK time. Beginners/Intermediate

Thursday: 6.30-7.30pm UK time. Intermediate/Advanced

A general level of fitness is required. If you have any health problem or condition please communicate it before class.

Since the classes are online, it may be more difficult to check the alignment. Please listen to yourself and challenge yourself with compassion and gentleness. You are always in charge and can modify, use props, pillows and extra padding if necessary.

To register, write to  contact@mariechabert

Soul Yoga

Mondays, 7-8.30pm at Blighty Tottenham, N15

What makes Soul yoga special:

– Yoga inspired by dance

– Healing and activating: using the supportive group energy to inspire and challenge ourselves

– The vibes, the atmosphere : dim light, soulful music,  fragrances , beautiful souls

-Tea and chat afterwards

Yoga flow

Wednesday 7-8pm at Ama Hair, N15

Breathing meditation and asana in creative flow.

Starting connecting to our ‘inner landscape’ and breath, we pace up  with integrity towards a more dynamic sequence. Using full range of motion, increasing strength, flexibility and coordination.


All levels and abilities. I adapt the class to the client’s need and level, co-creating the space together.

Bespoke program

I offer series of private classes to help achieve personal goals and target specific areas (performance enhancement, increasing flexibility, help support lower back pain and strengthen the core, weight loss, soothing and calming…)

Book private session here

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