Contact Improvisation

‘Gravity is your partner, the earth your playground, the others your support’

Settings. Classes and workshops in London and Germany (Kons-tanz-Jam, Chisenhale Dance Space, Tripspace, London Contact Improvisation, The Psychedelic Society…).

Upcoming workshops for 2021 (co-teaching with Pete Guy Spencer). ‘Consent constellation lab’, ‘And the poetry of being…’ More info coming soon on PeMa Art Facebook page.

Past workshops. Floating structures and biotensigrity, Off balance into lifts, Free head free fall, Spiralling up and multidimensional touch, Surfaces and support, Fascinating-fasching-fascia, Christmas lifts…

Course exploring CI basic skills. Tuesday at Chisenhale Dance Space, 7-9pm. More info here and hereunder. Please note that due to the current rules and distancing regulations, the course is currently suspended.