Artistic research – Movement and healing sound, 2019

Research residency in Italy, August 2019

We met in Northern Italy to explore movement and healing sounds, a collaboration and research between 4 female dance/sound artists with various background (dance, contact improvisation, yoga, Feldenkrais, massage, somatic practices, shamanic journey, lucid dreams, meditation)

Going from islands to planets, from Paralumpa to Frambula, exploring instrumental constellations, tragically-comic running circles, shamanic drums, gongs and crystal bowls, vibrating in sympathetic resonance, finding support, presence, witnesses, chaos, shouting and singing our names, empowering, from undoing to streaming thoughts, from chaos to designing the universe, from river to sea, from the medieval cave/gallery to the paleo festival in Cividale. Constructing and re-creating realities. Always looping and running in circles, in squares, around the square italian balcony… for sure this residence is only a beginning. 4 women forces.

Our next step is to further develop it into sharing spaces and develop our research overlapping the fields of art/dance/shamanism and healing.

Giorgia, Letizia, Cristina and Marie.