HEAD’in for godot, 2020-2024

This powerful, eccentric, expressive, humorous, absurd, touching, metaphysical piece deals with the themes of trauma, loss, care, body memory, ghosts, denial and acceptance. It invites us to go deep into unveiling layers of being in relationship to our own existence, and examines the need for meaning and purpose.

Drawing elements from the ‘Theatre of the absurd’, the piece’s research and aesthetics are grounded in contact improvisation, physical theatre and is accompanied by live music.

Suspended in time and space, two vagabonds stagger, trip and wrestle around a misty landscape. Disconnected from their body, they seem to be invisible to themselves and to others. Gradually some distant memories emerge, random encounters take place, at times abrupt and disjointed and at times soft and moving. Their paths and concurrences inhabit the space with a tragi-comic presence that overtime becomes more human, allowing their suspended weight to find some landing.

Contemplating the characters’ need for help, and need to care for others, the piece invites us to feel our humanity as an urgency for survival. 

An atmospheric soundtrack provided by musician Thomas Broda onstage accompanies the characters. Swirling between levity and eeriness Thomas’ selection of live and electronic sounds gives life to this existential quest.

Reviews :

‘Shifting from frenetic turns and throws to feeble writhing and jerking around, the movement – and aural accompaniment – is at once both exciting and poignant’ Reviewed by Melina Block

‘HEAD’in for Godot, a nod to Samuel Beckett’s masterpiece, dips into absurdism through beautifully released, goofy choreography and vibey live music by Thomas Broda. All of which convey feelings of existential body detachment and isolation.’ Reviewed by Josephine Leask

‘The universe was magnificient, very mature’ Audience member

Credits :

Concept and performance : Danny Kearns and Marie Chabert

Composition and live music : Thomas Broda

With thanks to: Chisenhale Dance Space, Cells studio 118, The Cockpit Theatre, Camden Fringe 2023, The Place Resolution 2023, Toplocentrala, Hodmovelab

The piece was performed at Toplocentrala 2024 (Center for Contemporary Art, Sofia, Bulgaria), as part of The Camden fringe festival 2023 (The Cockpit Theatre, London, UK), Resolution 2023! festival at The Place (London, UK).