Building blocks, 2022

Building blocks” is a group improvisation that invites the spontaneous, the improvised and the choreographed. The performers navigate scores and respond architecturally to the space and to the audience.

Performers: Claudia Richli, Chloé Dall’Olio, Lin Chen, Mattie Alston, George Berekos, Vaidehi Bhargava, Fatima Sastre, Ellie Chick, Petter Skurdal, Tan Rae Yao Anneli, Caitlin Paramor, Ming Hsieh, Olivia Foskett, Jing-Yen Wang, Willow Fenner, Amanda Pang, Jon Rodd.

Choreographer: Marie Chabert.

Musician: Alex Paton

Filming and editing: Emily Adams

Performed at Bedford Balham, London, September 2022