S(i)miles, 2022

“s(i)mile” is about the ambiguity, contradiction and inner conflicts of a person’s inner world. The schizophrenic quality of the dance and the music reveals multifaceted personalities. Like moving mirrors reflecting light with subtle shifts, the performers reflect various aspects of their relationship. This duet was originally inspired by  “The picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde.

Performers: Brooke Sorensen and Annalia Sparks

Choreographer: Marie Chabert. Composer: Alex Paton

Filming and editing by Emily Adams

Performed as part of the ‘Building blocks’ event at Bedford Balham, London, September 2022. ‘Building blocks’ is an evening of dance improvisations and performances in response to the theme of a photo exhibition entitled “Transmutation into abstraction”. It is curated and choreographed by Marie Chabert. Live music by Alex Paton