L’art et la manière, 2015-2016

L’Art et la manière explores the relationship between everyday movements and artistic actions in an engaging, fun and critical way. Through this spoken and danced dialogue Marie questions her identity as an interpreter, a woman and the role artists have in society.

In this solo in particular she questions the audience and how they perceive themselves in the theatrical context. She intends to challenge the relationship the audience has with the performer by inviting them to be an active part of the performance. The relationship then becomes primary and influences the rhythm and content of the show. The other line of research is in regards to what is dance? Can dance be found in the way we live our lives rather than in the course of actions we take? Therefore suggesting that the How is more meaningful than the What.

Choreography and interpretation: Marie Chabert

Lighting design: Pascal Bonnet

Photo: Joseph Berardi

The piece received support from The CCNR direction Yuval Pick, CND de Lyon, Studio Lucien Denis Plassard, le Croiseur Scène 7