Planting memories, 2009-2014

By plunging into a surreal world, this piece guides the audience through a personal journey in which the unfolding of the past enables the present.

This dance duet explores the concepts of personal space and identity. Drawing inspiration from their own lives, Marie and Paula relate personal memories through text and images. Their desire is to connect and communicate with each other, gradually constructing a relationship that evolves into building almost one unique body.

Support: Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (FONCA), Mexico, Jean Abreu Dance and South Hill Park Arts Centre, UK, Opera-theatre de St Etienne, Centre National de la Danse and Le Croiseur/Scène 7.


Choreography and interpretation: Marie Chabert and Paula Rechtman

Choreography and dramaturgy mentorship: Jean Abreu

Music: Michael Picknett

Lighting design: Jéssica Elizondo