2 weeks of interactive performance-installation

We are delighted to premiere Undone, a dance duet with live painting, video installation, poetry and audience interaction.

Part of Freiburg Open Art festival 2022, PeMa Art, Pete Guy Spencer and marie Chabert will be performing at Turm cafe, a beautiful tower with glass windows, part of the restaurant hier&jetzt


‘UnDone’ questions temporality and ephemerality, as well as the distribution of roles between artist, artwork and the audience. The title UnDone can mean Undone, Opened, Unfinished and Nullified.

‘UnDone’ invites the audience to be part of the creative/destructive process. For that, an ‘art interaction card’ (instead of a menu) is exhibited. Through that each performance is unique because it is ordered by the audience of the day. The installation changes as a result of the performances, so that a ‘new’ artwork can be experienced every day.

At the same time, a video installation shows the ‘pre-making of’ of the canvases on display.

Performance dates and time are:

Facebook event here