Movement exploration and Ci skills – Online Wednesday class

Every Wednesday 7-8.15pm Uk time on Zoom.

My contact classes at Chisenhale dance Space have been working really well, and for this reason want to open it broadly online during this self-isolation time.

The proposal is:

From the space of your bedroom, living-room, roof garden…either with a partner, with the floor, walls or furniture, inhabiting our confined space….we will move and explore together. 
Listening to our breath, deepening inner connections to our living body, acknowledging the virtual spaces between us, we will journey creatively, engaging imagination as well as building contact improvisation skills.

The class will consist of:

  • warming up in solo with experiential anatomy, images and developmental patterns (eg: core distal, cross lateral)
  • movement led explorations, informed by material for the spine by Steve Paxton
  • contact skills using the floor, the walls and props as a partner. Or with a partner if you have one.

Donation based. You can donate to myself via bank transfer and/or  to Chisenhale Dance Space here
You will need to download zoom here to attend the class
To register send an email to [email protected]

I hope to see you soon.