HEAD’in for godot performance at Toplocentrala, Bulgaria

What a successful iteration of HEAD’in for godot in Sofia. We received a warm welcome by the Toplocentrala team (Center for Contemporary Art) and the Bulgarian crowd. After a week of residency our piece got refined, with more layers, textures, more electronic music and new sounds, and overall a greater sense of achievement and pride for bringing this long creative process to fruition.

This powerful, eccentric, expressive, humorous, absurd, touching, metaphysical piece deals with the themes of trauma, loss, care, body memory, ghosts, denial and acceptance. It invites us to go deep into unveiling layers of being in relationship to our own existence, and challenges the need for meaning and purpose.

What other people say about the piece:

‘Shifting from frenetic turns and throws to feeble writhing and jerking around, the movement – and aural accompaniment – is at once both exciting and poignant’ Reviewed by Melina Block

‘HEAD’in for Godot, a nod to Samuel Beckett’s masterpiece, dips into absurdism through beautifully released, goofy choreography and vibey live music by Thomas Broda. All of which convey feelings of existential body detachment and isolation.’ Reviewed by Josephine Leask

‘The universe was magnificent, very mature’. Audience member

Photo by Nikola Gyulmezov