The ‘HEAD’in for godot’ team invites you to support their project.

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We are 3 artists, Marie Chabert, Danny Kearns and Thomas Broda, working respectively in the fields of dance, theatre and music . We work collaboratively together since 2020, researching new ways of using improvisation as a creative and devising tool.


After nearly three years of independent and intermittent research, improvisation, discussion and rehearsal, we have self-produced a multidisciplinary work called ‘HEAD’in for godot’. We are now stepping out to share our beloved ‘godot’, having performed the piece at the Resolution festival at the Place and receiving encouraging feedback, we have now set our sights on Camden Fringe at the Cockpit theatre.

Why supporting us:

We ask you, dear friends, family and strangers to support us in covering the costs of the theatre and rehearsal hire, technician, flyers, online program and hiring of a videographer.

The £600 we ask for will cover our basic production costs, and any extra money will cover hiring a videographer to document our piece and extra cover travel and accommodation costs.

Making theatre can be expensive and we wish to keep developing our work in a way which feels sustainable for us and allows us to keep working with a long perspective.

Why sharing with others:

 We believe in our work and in the depth of feeling it contains which examines trust, intimacy and a human need for touch and connection. If you can please help us to continue dreaming our dream and sharing the project with many new people, we would be tremendously grateful.

What other people say about the piece: 

‘Shifting from frenetic turns and throws to feeble writhing and jerking around, the movement – and aural accompaniment – is at once both exciting and poignant’ Reviewed by Melina Block

‘HEAD’in for Godot, a nod to Samuel Beckett’s masterpiece, dips into absurdism through beautifully released, goofy choreography and vibey live music by Thomas Broda. All of which convey feelings of existential body detachment and isolation.’ Reviewed by Josephine Leask

‘The universe was magnificent, very mature’ Audience member