Your Crown* on My Lap¿ 

CI workshop & jam with live music (viola played by Helena Massip)

with Marie Chabert & Pete Guy Spencer

October 15th at Chisenhale Dance Space, E3 5QZ 

2-4pm workshop, 4-6pm jam

In this workshop we explore the early developmental patterns of mouthing and spinal push as starting points to research in solo and then with a partner.
From mouthing we make the connection of the outer and the inner world, we activate the nervous and the digestive system. The spinal push is the first active movement we made to change our habitat from the mother’s womb to the outer world. From here we develop a strong core and move our limbs from the centre.
These early patterns are key in the practice of Contact Improvisation, initiating spinal movement and reaching. They facilitate communication through pushing, yielding and sharing weight.
We will approach this workshop in a playful and curious way.
May contain some surprises!
£25 for workshop & jam
£10 for 2h jam
(concession on demand)

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