I will be teaching 2 workshops as part of Contact Improvisation in paradise, organised by Lella and Christoph in Austria. More info about the festival here

Here is what I propose:

CI-Workshop „Falling with-on-up – mit-auf-aufwärts fallen“

This dynamic and embodied workshop will focus on our best CI partner: gravity. It will lead us into the art of falling and investigate what it it to both give into gravity with a partner and use gravity to redirect momentum.

Giving practical tools as well as proposing games and playful partner explorations, we will learn or revisit ways of falling and sharing momentum, either falling with, falling on, or falling up.

CI and group processes

This group process workshop offers an opportunity to see CI as a collective practice, not only focusing on the partner and touch between partner, but on the inter-relationality of the elements in the group.

I want to go back to the power of the group and what makes the social event of CI so special, fun and nourishing. Eyes open, closesd, being guided and moved by collective momentum, flocking in an ocean of small dances, pulling and pushing, we will both explore the micro level of touch and sensitivity as well as the fun, invigorating and energetical power of the group.

Teaching team and intensives:

Nita Little (US), Ulli Wittemann (DE), Sus Palm (DE), Christopher Hauff (USA/AT), Ingrid Hörlezeder (AT), Pan Jellinek (CZ/DE), Sabine Müller (AT), Ingo Rosenkranz (DE), Jyoti Rainer (AT/DE), Karin Schwarz (AT), Monika Silberbunt Schuberth (AT), Muriel Jeanne Mollet (CH), Sabine Sonnenschein (AT), Linda Maria (DE/AT), Michael Schrotter (AT), Tom Schwarz (AT), Christian Weissensteiner (AT).

More about teachers here