Part of Resolution festival at The Place. June 6th at 7.30pm


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This triple bill showcase pieces by Thomas Broda, Marie Chabert and Danny Kearns, by Lulu Wang and by Maya Takeda


HEAD’in for godot

Devised, composed and performed by Thomas Broda, Marie Chabert and Danny Kearns

‘Inspired by Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, the piece navigates between the mundane, the absurd and the metaphysical to explore the themes of loneliness and longing for connection.

Suspended in time and space, two vagabonds stagger, trip and wrestle around a misty landscape. Disconnected from their body, they seem to be invisible to themselves and to others. Gradually some distant memories emerge, allowing their suspended weight to find some landing.

Blending contact improvisation, physical theatre and live music, the piece explores variations of touch, tonicity and weight. An atmospheric soundtrack accompanies them.’

With thanks to: Chisenhale Dance Space, Cells studio 118, The Cockpit Theatre

FIND YOUR LINES by Maya Takeda

Find your Lines begins with a game of cat’s cradle, which consist of making a pattern with one long piece of thread, and the book LINES written by Tim Ingold (2016). Then using her own entire body to form the shapes of the cat’s cradle, Takeda explores how she can apply her work using objects within LINES.


LOVE explores the intimacies of love and its myriad configurations through contemporary dance. LOVE created by Lulu Wang conceptualises its story from Chinese mythology and playfully modernises it with the childhood game of tug of war.

*Photo by Riccardo Sai