Between bodies between spaces – Frontiers and bridges, 2017

This performance and choreographic project was carried out with a group of 14 dancers and amateurs at Tanzfabrik, Berlin 2017.

Created in 7 weeks, the outcome of this collaborative research is an audience interactive piece with live music.

Delimitating spaces, creating borders, defining identity, differentiating, comparing, opposing, unifying, connecting, interacting, migrating, grounding, strengthening, solidarizing… As much as frontiers and bridges can separate or unite, belonging to a group of people to create identity can be both liberating and alienating. This performance project  investigates group dynamics and spatial interactions in relationship to the individual and to the audience. Using contact skills, unison and group listening, the performers related their personal stories in the midst of constructing, transforming, and deconstructing bridges and barriers, shifting frontiers in space, drawing floor patterns, either framing the audience or the individual.

Concept and choreography: Marie Chabert with the dancers input

Performers: Pia Katarzyna , Dürten Tee, Cibele Kojima De Paula, Myrtille Borel, Lena Van Ecke, Katharina Iva Nagel, Nina Schakers, Sara Paternesi, Laura Egge, Bettina Mileta, Nina Wesemann, Giacomo Marinsalta, Ted Tibetts, Marina Provenzzano

Live music and composition: Alex Paton