Rehearsal 7: discontinuous compression floating in continuous tension, working with elastic bands

 Work with elastic bands as continuous lines of tensions. Inspired by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (BBC) and Body Mind Centering . Refer to the video:

From BBC’s video: Continuity of tone (can help jump), rebound (continuous, no collapse), elasticity, linearity and circularity. No need to use anything to get up but use continuity.

Polarity. Equilibrium. Equal bounce and tension of tone, that is always changes. Can jump because of the continuity of tone

My experinence: 

Elastic band allows the change of tones and redistribution of forces.

Allowing the facial bag to glide and redistribute weight and tone. Could this be linked to fascial fitness? If a line of tension is rigid and not used then flexibility and pliability is lost in that area that will require more giving into another area.

Trial: same exercise with a non elastic feature. It makes it harder to move and it requires more muscular effort.

Question: Is fascial fitness our body’s ability to allow change in tone and redistribute tension throughout the body?

My felt sense: Tensegrity principles are inherent in CI principles and practice. There is a lack of articulation and recognition of its pervasion.

I believe this tensegrity carries on through touch between partners:

The awareness of my tensegral body and of my partner’s tensegral structure as well as our biotensegral reading can be exploited.

(feeling how someone is connected to the ground through touch, found in tango and martial art).

Cf CI pictures: see a continuity of tensegrity between 2 bodies

Extend this awareness through non touch (tactile gaze and awareness).

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