Rehearsal 1: ‘when we are touched, all our body is touched’

Rehearsal at Trinity Laban (TL) 9/12/20

Inspired by Oschman: ‘when we are touched, all our body is touched’ Anatomy Trains (Myers, 2014 p. 17)Communication between the cells.

Trial 1:

Move one body part and feel the whole body is moving. Listening and allowing the info to travel


-when moving in isolation, the movement feels more mechanical (joint movement)

When integrated : more aware of the breath

– restricted and injured area: doesn’t travel. Need to engage another structure for it to travel. Eg: arm flexion: need to engage shoulder, scapula and image stretching up and pushing down into the floor.

Trial 2: stiff area/rigid part of the body. Like injury, no gliding, movement restriction.

Findings: similar to ci and point of contact. The body has to reorganise itself and orientate itself in relation to…

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