The Ontology of questioning in Padel Halle in Basel!

Last December I was invited by Atelier Experimental in Basel to perform my solo-in-process ‘The ontology of questioning’ in Padel Halle. What a great site-specific venue to play, improvise, interact and have fun.

Here’s a new description of the piece (ever-evolving):

It is a piece about taking risks, about the political and the absurd, about a pink octopus and a plant, about the the ecological implications of performing in front of an audience, about intersubjectivity, expectations, inclusivity and fluid identity…

Mainly it’s about asking questions we constantly ask ourselves… and about questions we never ask ourselves.

Deconstructing the obvious and constructing the piece in time and space with the audience, ‘The ontology of questioning’ invites to re-think the notion of identity in relationship to context.