Drawing on the theme ‘identity’, investigating borders, personal spaces and self-definitions, cultural differences and boxes. Challenging roles and conventions, making the audience react and interact.

Pieces include: The clapping piece (duet with audience interaction, London 2017), Between bodies between spaces Frontiers and bridges (group piece with audience interaction and live music, Berlin 2017), Entre Terre et ciel (dance duet, France 2015), L’art et la manière (solo with audience participation, France 2015), Planting memories (duet with composed music, international collaboration, 2009-2016) , Comparative studies in B flat (solo, London 2012), Lying on borders (solo with composed music, London 2009). Sycamore (dance video, Leeds 2007), Unnamed model #64 (solo, Leeds 2008). Bottomless echo (solo with composed music, London 2006). I want you to know (quartet with composed music, California 2005).

Creative residencies and platforms: Choreographic centre in Lyon, Festival In&Out in Burkina Faso, Karlovak festival in Croatia, Richmix in London, Osage Gallery in Hong Kong, Rimbun Dahan in Malaysia, Crescent school in Singapore, Harringay Arts HAHA ! in London, Cesta Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Festival in Czech Republic, Resolution! 2009, Dance Omi in New York, The Others in London, Riley Theatre in Leeds, Robin Howard Theatre in London, Schindler House in California