Beyond touch – wellness and health

‘Relieving muscular tension and stress,

helping your body towards healing and functionality.’

I offer a massage using various techniques combined with my experience as a professional dancer and my understanding of how the body works. I am qualified in Swedish massage vtct level 3 and currently studying sports and remedial massage, BTEC level 5 at NLSSM.

I am a passionate massage therapist interested in health and challenging mental and physical barriers that prevent us from leading a happier and more integrated life.

Benefits of massage

Improves circulation 

  • Increases circulation and lowers blood pressure
  • Improves the lymphatic system: boost the immune system
  •  Aids elimination of waste and toxins

Reduces stress, produces sense of well being

  • Releases endorphins
  • Reduction in pain and chronic pain (osteoarthritis…)
  • Relaxes body and mind
  • Improves sleep

Relieves muscle tensions, increases flexibility

  • Alleviates the restriction of muscles as well as tension and stiffness
  • Increases flexibility, movement range, and durability of muscles
  • Reduces muscle fatigue and soreness

Improves digestion

  • Can relieve colic and gas as well as constipation
  • Promotes better digestion

Weight loss

  • Helps breaking down cellulite, removes toxins

Healthier skin

  • Exfoliation
  • Improves skin tone and elasticity
  • Nurtures the skin by activating the sebaceous glands

Injury Prevention & Cleansing

  • Injury prevention: promotes healthier joints and muscle tone
  • Acts as a mechanical cleanser, by stimulating lymph circulation and quickening waste and toxic elimination.
  • Improve muscle recovery between physical activities

Boost Performance

  • Enhances performance, reduces tense muscles, augments flexibility and awareness
  • Boosts confidence levels because of a better outlook on body image

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Prices and location

1h full body massage+ consultation- £50

45min- £40

30min – £25

In Seven Sisters, N15 or Stamford Hill, N16

Payment methods: cash, bank transfers and cards  card payments (only if good network connection)

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‘Marie is a very sensitive practitioner. She knows how to approach the client in a safe and friendly way. I feel that her massage was very effective for me.’ I feel really well. – Ana

‘It was a very nice massage. I feel more alive and invigorated. I should get more massage from Marie.’ – Justin

‘It was fantastic and amazing. I’m so happy with the massage.’- Leila