I was invited by Jochen Heckmann to teach and choreograph on the BA students of Tanzwerk101 last week in Zurich.
It was a very rich week, with technique classes in the morning and artistic research in the afternoon.
We mainly focused on spiralling, using the myofascial lines and the body connectivity (through the fascia), to find the connective threads between an understanding of the body on an physiological and anatomical level,  technique, movement research and contact work.
The students were very open and curious and we also explored some other aspects of my choreographic practice and interest: playing with role swapping between movers/observers, followers/leader, but also moving ‘in’ and ‘out’ of the impro, and what it means for oneself to be or feel ‘in’ or ‘out’.
Here are a few questions and perspectives that came to surface:
What makes me ‘feel in?’
Strategy to feel in: contact, eye contact, copy, follow momentum/flow.
What makes me feel out?
Strategies to feel out: pause, observe, take physical distance
How can I make the choice to be out while other people make me feel ‘in’.
What am I watching? Where is my attention?
Here’s a compilation of few videos I took during this week.