‘Building blocks’ – Dance Improvisation performances

Wed 21st September – 7.30pm & 8.30pm – -£10

The Bedford, SW12 9HD

Open floor dance till 11pm with live music.

Facebook event here – booking here


Choreographed by Marie Chabert and performed by some BA students from The Place and amateurs from the C&C classes, the evening offers groups and duets improvisations in response to the theme of the exhibition“Transmutation into abstraction” curated by Ana Tsifouti.

It is accompanied with live and composed music by Alex Paton.


“… to be continued” is a group improvisation that invites the spontaneous, the improvised and the choreographed. The performers navigate scores and respond architecturally to the space and to the audience.


“s(i)mile“ is a duet that draws inspiration from ”The picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde and emphasis the moment of transmutation between the character and the painting, or between the visible and the hidden.


“head’in 4 godot” is an excerpt from a physical theatre duet created during the pandemic and addressing the sense of meaninglessness, gravity and absurdity of a situation.


The audience is invited to take part in a short creative workshop after the performance.