Contact impro workshop: Free head free fall- 30th Sept

30 September 2018
2pm – 5pm | £15 standard / £12 early bird
Led by Marie Chabert & David Basak
Chisenhale Dance Space, E3 5QZ


Gravity is your partner, the earth your playground and others your support.

This workshop is accessible to all levels of experience. We encourage anyone who wants to be more in their bodies and challenge themselves, using techniques to let go, trust, learn to listen, to connect with others through touch and break through fears and limitations, opening up new possibilities and ways of expressing oneself.

The first part of the workshop explores ways of supporting and freeing the head, allowing to let go and falling in space, over, under, through, upwards….
We will use Contact Improvisation techniques, exercises and patterns to support the research.

The second part of the workshop leads into a jam: an open improvised dance space, a safe space to play, express and flow.

Please wear comfortable clothes

Marie and David have been dancing for many years and are passionate about Contact Improvisation. They are keen on emphasising the playful nature of this dance form, making it accessible to anyone to discover and enjoy.