‘HEADin for godot’ at The Cockpit Theatre- 21/11/22

Where: Cockpit Theatre , Gateforth Street, London NW8 8EH

When: November 21st, 7pm

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Conception and performance: Marie Chabert and Danny Kearns

Music: Thomas Broda



This event is part of a scratch night organised by the Cockpit theatre, Theatre in the Pound.



Blending contact improvisation, physical theatre and live music, the piece is an excerpt from a two year long research project on improvised text and movement. It explores variations of touch, tonicity and weight in relationship to the themes of loneliness and longing for connection. The set-up evokes the aftermath of an accident. What is left lays bare onstage, a sense of meaninglessness and the distress that resides inside two bodies.

Inspired by Samuel Beckett’s ‘Waiting for Godot, the tone of the piece navigates between the mundane, the absurd and the metaphysical.


Suspended in time and space, two vagabonds stagger, trip and wrestle around a strange misty landscape. Disconnected from their own bodies, they seem to be invisible to themselves and to others. Gradually some distant memories emerge from their moving bodies, guiding them into a sense of familiarity, allowing their suspended weight to find some landing.
An atmospheric soundtrack accompanies them, a mix of electronic and live sound which swirls between levity and eeriness.



Marie and Danny have been working together and developing an improvisation practice since 2020. They met through contact improvisation, a practice that acted as a base and springboard for the development of ‘HEADin for godot’.

They are especially interested in the human need for touch, how it influences movement and feeling, and the layers of meaning to decode through its varied intentions.
In this project they are thrilled to collaborate with the multi-instrumental musician Thomas Broda. Their aim is for the musician to be a character within the piece, someone to play with rather than a track to dance on.
Thomas is interested in improvisation and connection with different art forms.


*picture by Riccardo Sai