The Liberating ‘No’

Contact Improvisation workshop and jam

Led by Marie Chabert and Pete Guy Spencer, PeMa Art

-mixed levels-

Is Contact Improvisation “an intimate dance” (Sanford Lewis)? Whether in gentle, sensitive or wild acrobatic dances – in order to fully engage with my dance partners, I have to feel safe. Which touch feels right for me and when? How do I ensure that I experience every moment of my dance as enjoyable? What role does my sexuality play? How do I signal boundaries in a friendly way?
Inspired by Martin Keogh (‘The Two Rivers of Sensation’) and Alito Alessi (Dance Ability), this workshop will offer group explorations in various constellations and roles, as well as giving tools to create a safe place for everyone seeking to communicate via touch based practices.


Location: Chisenhale Dance Space, London, E3 5QZ

price: £28 (£22 low income)

Info: [email protected]

Booking here


We ask all participants to take a Lateral flow test prior to the workshop.

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