Rehearsal 2: oppositional tension and gravity

Rehearsal TL, 15/12/2020, Studio 6

Reading on fascia plasticity and lines of stress, tension, deformation, remodelling (Anatomy Trains, Myers, 2018)

Question/consideration: does functional means in dialogue with gravity? If the forces are applied at various angles, are they less functional?

Eg: if bad posture, gravity forces put extra stress

Trial working with oppositional forces: choose 2 points in the body, bring them in oppositional tension, either within the line of gravity, or outside gravitational directions of up and down.

Trial: 2 elbows moving away from each other , keeping the tension but reconfiguring the spatial orientation and location .

Outcome: when the oppositional lines follow the vertical line, something seems to fall into place within the body. A release and reassurance can occur. The oppositional tension outside of the vertical line brings into light the whole body architecture as well as the strong connection with the floor and a proprioceptive awareness. Playing with my elbows, I feel my chest popping out. Lines of tension occurs within me to compensate, It is as if some of my body inner surfaces where thick lines, and other were thinner lines.

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