Rehearsal 3: Moving with the myofascial tracks

Rehearsal TL, 11/01/21, Studio 4

Move with myofascial train tracks based on Anatomy Trains by Thomas Myers (AT).


‘I feel my muscles really engaged. I’m surprised because I was expecting to feel the connections rather than the muscles in themselves. My body feels energized.

I reiterate patterns that are familiar but also get rid of some of these patterns : opening and closing including arms and torso.

I feel the arms moving independently from the torso.

But I feel a stronger connection upper-lower or homologous movement (Bartenieff fundamentals), with a sense of the abdominals connecting both.’

Working with the deep front arm line and the superficial one ( pictures on:

Other outcome:

Movement that engage the deeper lines feels to me, as a dancer, to connect to subtleties and finer control of the body. Less like everyday life but connect deeply. (flex wrist and curl arms in rather than adduct wrist and thumb).

Moving from deep to superficial lines: potential to touch a wider palette. I feel they relate to various state of expressivity. Subtleties : difference between layers. 

Functional lines feel superficial : the back one helps achieving an arabesque. I realise I don’t engage this superficial very much but rely more on deeper lines.

Open arms : awareness of back line activating. And rhomboid area more engaged: refers to having a sense of our back when we open our front . Reminds me of the frontal aspect of ballet, the 3 dimensionality of Contact improvisation (CI). 

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