Rehearsal 5: the arm lines while walking, superficial vs deep

Rehearsal TL , 20/01/21, studio theatre

Read about deep front and back arm line in Anatomy Trains: the continuity of the arm line happens after 90degree angle (image of the monkey hanging from the branch, creating a 170 degree angle)

Score: moving while engaging the deep front and back arm lines

Findings: Again I find different expressive qualities when shifting from the deep to the superficial line.

While walking with the focus on the superficial arm lines. I feel more confident. I engage with the space and other objects. Feels like hugging the space. 

Different relationship to speed.

Feeling of embracing the space with the superficial front arm line.

Going back and activating the superficial back line of the arm : feeling of falling into space.

Deep back arm line and walking backwards: little resistance or pull to counterbalance the forward direction. Slowing speed and risk taking.

 Score: without walking, engage the deep front arm line: Introspection feeling

Superficial front line: Hugging, embracing, englobing