Rehearsal 8: Strolling under the skin, elasticity, sliding inner sleeves

Watch video strolling under the skin by the plastic surgeon Guimberteau (

Moving with few images:  sliding inner sheets, elasticity of the skin that comes back to neutral, body as a bag of water

Score: Starting on the floor with the surfaces of the body in contact with the floor. Stick the skin to the floor, and micromove from this point of tension/reference. (This is an exercise that I have used previously in a CI workshop on fascia)

Impression: I feel straight away a connection with the fluid system and how fluid is in my whole  body and communicates everywhere. Inner bags or sleeve, shaking, fluidity, relaxing. Think of the word integrity: no body part is left out. The whole body is integrated, it feels quite safe, no injury.

Moving in a skin bag. Feel very pleasant, don’t have to use muscles and joints so much, don’t think of joint as bone but as elastic crossroads or junctions. Don’t create separation but connection and integrity, allow for the body to move as one and specifically at the same time

Based on the craniosacral therapist Helen Eadie’s image of layers and inner sleeves (Fascia Hub conference, 16/01/2021).


Idea of layers: not only the surface or the deep, bones, but all the layers in between, remind me of various modes of expressivity working with myofascial tracks.

The skin comes back to normal: inner bounciness and softness that is different from skipping and using the Achilles tendons to recoil and bounce up

Layers and expressivity/ global and local. Micro of cells, skin, blood vessels, ….to macro of interpersonal relationships

Subtleties of moving: different than moving with an image that creates this integrity like in Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT). Fascia both includes the whole and the specific, the small part and the overall system. Can scale in or out.

Attention can scale in or out too to offer variety and complexity of movements. 

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