Contact Impro class+ Jam this Saturday in Winterthur (CH)

I am teaching the next Contact Impro class in Winterthur, close to Zurich (CH) this Saturday January 13th, followed by a jam.

It’s a great crowd so don’t hesitate to travel for an afternoon of dancing and jamming.

For this beginning of the year we will first focus on landing, arriving into ourselves, into the group and into space. Reconnecting with attuned awareness to our 3 dimensional space(s), always coming back to the question : how do I inhabit this moment? Bringing every created situation back to the body and our sensory-motor experience.

We will take time to tune into our senses,  feel our bodies and the shared earth beneath us.

We then engage our Bodymind more energetically through space, playing with weight, gravity and the momentum of joyful, playful interactions.

During the second half of the class we bring our attention to our center and ways of connecting to our partner(s)’ center(s), navigating between explorations, games and more technical skills.

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Contact: [email protected]