Catch me when I fly! CI workshop+Jam

Fly with me….on December 10th, at the beautiful Studio Corpo in Freiburg (DE)

Workshop: 2-4pm

Jam: 4-6pm

Referring to Contact improvisation, Steve Paxton writes:  “the dancer’s weight is only [theirs] to give: not to possess” (1973)

This dynamic workshop prepares the bodymind to take risks and use momentum to meet our partner (or partners) in the air. We will taste the embodiment of physical laws and experience our moving bodies as masses that can fall, fly and transmit kinetic energy.

We will first go through a thorough warm-up in which we revisit the core-distal patterns and do some playful conditioning to strengthen our core and our relationship with the earth, as well as to connect with our inner ‘animal’.

You will be given practical, somatic and technical tools, as pre-requisites to explore furthermore the topic and go on flying…

This workshop is open-level but requires dance/movement experience.


Workshop: 22€ (18€ by December 3rd)

Jam: 8-12€

Location: Studio Corpo, Marie Curie Strasse 1, Freiburg im Breisgau

Info+ registration by  Dec 8th